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For photographers (and others)

Z STUDIO understands the needs of professional photographers and all who depend on maximum quality in printed photography. We specialize in printing photographs, photo calendars, posters, catalogues and illustrated publications. Our priorities are detail and faithful print reproduction.

Short calendar runs of dozens to hundreds are produced on our HP Indigo press, which combines the speed of digital with the quality of offset. This is “digital offset” printing technology using ElectroInk. It won an award from the jury at the 2013 Calendar of the Year competition. We print on a wide range of surfaces, from offset paper to clay-coated stock and graphics papers, as well as plastic film and stickers. Combined with UV varnish, this method can achieve photographic quality in formats up to A3+.

For printing larger runs, we offer not only standard offset printing, but also unique Hi-Fi printing technology. It combines specially pigmented Japanese-made CMYK colours with a stochastic screen for exposing printing plates. Hi-Fi printing reproduces photography in above-standard quality, with astoundingly vivid colours. Especially blues, greens and purples are much more intense. The proof is in the awards we’ve won in the Calendar of the Year and Slovakia’s Most Beautiful Calendar competitions.

You can find out more at www.facebook.com/hifitisk. If you’re interested, we can show you print comparison samples.

We also offer graphic design for your printed materials (photo calendars, photo books, posters, catalogues, etc.). Our imaginative designers will create an original layout to suit your expectations.







Our technology:

  • Certified proofs: Epson 4880 proofing equipment, Xrite i1 Pro + i1iO automated spectrophotometer, compliant with ISO 12647-2.
  • Imagesetter: Suprasetter A75 thermal imagesetter with auto plate loader and internal perforation.
  • RIP: RIP v. 7.5 (PDF-PE v2), stochastic screening technology (see Hi-Fi printing).
  • Printing presses: Heidelberg SM 74-8 P+LX, Heidelberg SM 74-4 P+L, HP Indigo 5500.
  • Formats: max. printing surface for offset presses 510 × 740 mm,
    max. printing surface for HP Indigo 312 × 442 mm for two sides, depending on the material and type of printing chosen. For more details, contact our sales department.
  • Colour: 8-colour offset printing, ordinary CMYK + 4 direct, wide-gamut printing capability (see Hi-Fi printing).
  • Surface treatment: matte and glossy dispersion varnish, UV varnish, lamination, embossing.

 For further questions, please contact us:

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