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Assembly and product packing

Z STUDIO offers the services of its own fulfilment department. Our specialties include:

  • manual assembly,
  • labelling,
  • inserting,
  • folding,
  • packing,
  • bundling and addressing postal shipments (direct mail),
  • assembling user packages with a manual and other added print materials,
  • assembling gift packages of small promotional items,
  • warehousing of orders or delivery to a designated location.

We assemble 2,000,000 customer packages per month. At your request, we assemble addressed or unaddressed direct mail or user packages. You decide the package quantity, how much to warehouse and where, and how much of it we should deliver to you. We give priority to urgent orders. Always based on your current needs. A postal shipment may contain a customer magazine, catalogue, advertising insert flyer, gift coupon, etc. Such sets can include a printed user manual, a CD or DVD with an electronic manual, a service or warranty handbook, a promotional flyer, and even a small gift. We have an exceptional inspection process that guarantees 100% conformity to specification.

Contact our sales department to discuss the details. You can also use our text creation, translation, graphic design, printing and logistics services. Your entire print job is handled under one roof.



We specialise in:

  • Manually performed document kitting,
  • inserting,
  • folding, etc.


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