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Logistics services

Print warehousing, inventory management, e-shop, distribution

Z STUDIO guides the flow of materials from our print shop to the consumer anywhere in the world. We have our own warehouses and vehicle fleet. We safely store your print orders, allow you to monitor and manage inventory online, and ensure timely distribution anywhere in the world. We optimize our services so that you can meet your commitment to your customers. Your printed promotional materials or technical documentation will be delivered on a just-in-time basis. You decide where we’ll transport your order. Always based on your current needs. We can transport orders in our own vehicles or send them through certified carriers. Our sales reps can also arrange for you to pick them up personally from our shipping department.

We provide:

  • order warehousing,
  • timed distribution,
  • e-shop creation.


  • temporary storage of your order for an agreed-upon period,
  • regular inventory reports.

Shipping and distribution:

  • protecting the product against damage during transport,
  • recommending the optimal mode of transportation,
  • arranging a proven international shipper for international orders,
  • loading and unloading goods at the agreed-upon location.


  • creation, management and operation of e-shop for print materials,
  • storage and dispatch of printed matter and small promotional items,
  • more information at Internet shops.

Contact our sales department to discuss the details. You can also use our text creation, translation, graphic design, printing and fulfilment services. Your entire print job is handled under one roof.

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